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Unlock success with a perfect Lighthouse score

Achieve a perfect Lighthouse score of 100 to enhance your content strategy and drive engagement. Explore the importance of low latency, integrating personalization with smart services, and optimizing the content supply chain to stay competitive in the digital landscape.


Improve Experiences

A Lighthouse Score of 100 means fast-loading, accessible pages for satisfied users.

Rank Higher

Google favors high-scoring sites, boosting visibility and organic traffic.

Increase Conversions

Better user experience and search visibility lead to more conversions and business growth.

The digital landscape today

In today's fast-paced digital world, the abundance of digital content makes it challenging for businesses to stand out. Outdated systems struggle to keep up with the demands of modern marketing, hindering success in a competitive market.

⏳ Slow page load times

πŸ“ˆ Limited scalability

🧑 Inadequate personalization capabilities

πŸ“Š Lack of real-time analytics

πŸ“± Poor mobile responsiveness

Lighthouse score: Your beacon in the digital storm

The Lighthouse score is more than just a numberβ€”it's a roadmap to success in the digital age. Achieving a perfect score of 100 signifies excellence in performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. It's the key to unlocking your website's full potential and staying ahead of the competition.


Increased conversion rates for every saved second in page load time


Increased performance for digital products in full Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level 2

Up to 32%

Decreased bounce rates for every saved second in page load time

Delivering exceptional user experience

The importance of low latency

Low latency is key to providing a seamless user experience. By minimizing the time it takes for content to reach your audience, we ensure they can access your website quickly and efficiently. This improves user satisfaction and increases the likelihood of conversions and engagement.

How it works
Instead of serving content from a centralized server location, edge computing distributes content across a network of servers closer to the end user.
Server-side rendering techniques additionally remove performance-draining client-side operations, providing users with a faster, more responsive experience. This means that regardless of where your audience is located, they'll experience blazing-fast load times and seamless interactions.
Simple solutions with big impact

The Future of Content Management:
Edge Delivery Services for Adobe Experience Manager

Join us as we explore the transformative capabilities of this innovative service, simplifying content creation and management. Discover how Groundfog harnessed Edge Delivery Services by Adobe to streamline workflows, empower non-technical users, and achieve unparalleled performance scores. Read how this revolutionary approach simplifies content creation and guarantees a remarkable 100 Lighthouse score, ensuring optimal user experience and SEO benefits for your digital success.


Integrating Personalization with Smart Services

But it's not just about speedβ€”it's about relevance, too.

Personalization is essential for connecting with your audience on a deeper, more emotional level.

With our Smart Services, we seamlessly integrate personalization into your content process. By leveraging machine learning and AI, we provide valuable insights based on data to help You effortlessly create compelling, personalized content. From trend analysis to SEO optimization and A/B testing, we equip you with the tools you need to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

Outperform competitors with Edge Delivery Services by Adobe

Get your Lighthouse score 100 out of the box with the Edge Delivery Services by Adobe.


Content supply chain optimization

At Groundfog, we understand the critical importance of optimizing every step of the content supply chain to achieve a Lighthouse score of 100. We meticulously optimize each component, from content creation to delivery, to ensure seamless performance and user experience. We streamline content creation, management, and delivery processes by leveraging the latest technologies, such as AI-powered content generation, real-time data analysis, and edge delivery networks.

Accelerate Content
Gain Visibility
Deliver Fast

Overcoming common challenges

Many marketing departments face obstacles due to poorly performing systems not optimized for personalization and complex authoring workflows requiring extensive training. Managing multiple third-party service providers for content creation and imagery adds further complexity, while limited data insights hinder strategic decision-making.

Our content supply chain services add clarity and speed to your authoring processes, integrate personalization, deliver the best experiences, and provide comprehensive data analytics, empowering businesses to overcome these challenges and thrive in the digital landscape.


🎯 Authoring Hub:
Use AI-driven trend analysis and tone analysis to create content that resonates with your audience.

🎯 GenAI:
Simplify content creation with AI-powered writing support and image generation tools.

🎯 Data Pipelines and Processing:
Streamline content creation workflows and ensure data-driven insights for better decision-making.


🎯 Serverless CMS:
Optimize content management with a flexible and cost-efficient cloud-native solution.

🎯 Digital Asset Management:
Organize and easily handle terabytes of digital assets, reducing search time and ensuring compliance.

🎯 Enterprise Search:
Empower users to find relevant content quickly, enhancing productivity and user satisfaction.


🎯 Edge Delivery:

Ensure fast and reliable content delivery to users worldwide, reducing latency and improving user experience.

🎯 Server-Side Rendering (SSR):
Improve page load times and SEO rankings by rendering content on the server before sending it to the client.


🎯 Personalization:
Deliver personalized content recommendations based on user behavior and preferences, increasing engagement and conversions.

🎯 Big Data Visualization: Gain actionable insights from large datasets through interactive visualizations, enabling data-driven decision-making.

🎯 NextGen User Experience: Enhance user engagement and satisfaction with immersive and intuitive interfaces, driving brand loyalty and growth.

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