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“We craft cloud-native solutions that empower businesses to focus on what matters in an ever-changing world.”

Our mission

We craft cloud-native solutions that empower businesses to focus on what matters in an ever-changing world.

As the innovative provider of cloud solutions, we are dedicated to empowering businesses around the world to unlock their full potential by focusing on what matters most for them.

By bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives to the table, we are blazing a trail in the industry and breaking through the fog to a brighter future.

“Create a cloud-native digital world for the leading brands.”

Our vision

At Groundfog, we enhance customer experiences for the world's most prominent brands.

With our combined expertise in strategy, design, technology, and operations, we unlock the full potential of the cloud, bringing our clients' digital visions to life.

Our goal is to inspire our customers to achieve their digital marketing objectives through our innovative approach.

Groundfog culture

Our strength lies in our people-first culture. We're more than cloud innovators; we're a close-knit team shaping the future together. Trust and innovation are the foundation of our daily work.

Diversity fuels our dynamic atmosphere, fostering an environment where everyone's ideas matter. We embrace growth through unique approaches, like our holacracy concept and continuous learning.

Join us in this journey of empowerment and collaboration, shaping Groundfog's vibrant future.

Work revolution

At Groundfog, we embrace Holacracy, a transformative approach that redefines how we work together.

It's more than an organizational structure; it's a commitment to purposeful progress that fosters each individual's professional and personal growth. Holacracy is breaking away from traditional hierarchies and driving transparency and efficiency.

It's not just a structure but a culture that proves that small changes can lead to significant success in our fast-paced world. Consider implementing Holacracy to revolutionize your workplace.

Cloud innovators

As an innovative cloud solutions provider, we are dedicated to empowering businesses worldwide to unlock their full potential. Our expertise and innovative approach make us the only choice for companies looking to stay ahead.

With our headquarters in Dresden, our team of 45+ experts from Germany, Romania, Spain, Belgium, and Turkey constantly expands, bringing new ideas and fresh perspectives. Together, we are blazing a trail in the industry and breaking through the fog to a brighter future.

Our values-driven working culture

At Groundfog, our commitment to a values-driven culture is the foundation of our work ethos. We believe that through trust, collaboration, and innovation, we create an environment where every team member can thrive and contribute meaningfully to our shared success. Find out more about our core values!


We want all project participants to profit from our work.
We want businesses to prosper and help our diverse employees and communities. We offer easy-to-implement services that are tailored to each client. Our customers can rely on us since we offer only long-lasting, low-maintenance products and services.


We know that people are the heart of Groundfog.
We care about all the people we work with: employees, customers, partners, end-users – and we place them at the center of all decisions and actions. At Groundfog, we empower our people in the way they want to work and encourage them to contribute. We have the right tool in place to do so -Holacracy. We inspire and help each other grow and improve through our interactions.


Being completely forthright and letting the facts do the talking. Integrity requires always telling the truth, even if it's inconvenient or uncomfortable. Part of being brutally honest is giving upfront and honest feedback while being kind.


We think the greatest decisions are made when all parties involved have a say in the matter. What's more essential than just listening to your team members is giving them a safe space to share their opinions and ideas without fear of retaliation.


Trust is a fuel for our environment and a foundation for joyful, creative, inventive, self-confident, and generous individuals. We believe that everyone is doing their best given their talents, expertise, resources, and circumstances and that they are always acting in the organization's and others' best interests.


As a brand-new organization, we are finding our footing as a cohesive team. Employee growth is crucial to the company's success. Together, we can learn and adapt to the many challenges as we settle into our new roles and environments.


We follow a philosophy that encourages our colleagues to take satisfaction in their work, own it, and spread it amongst themselves to allow the collective intelligence to brainstorm together and think out of the box - to enhance existing solutions and ideas.


#re-think! is part of our evolution and a crucial habit for staying relevant and successful. It's much more than just following new trends. It’s about rethinking decisions and patterns based on our experiences triggered by self-reflection and feedback. #re-think! is about leaving established ways and boldly breaking new ground instead of doing things because they've always been done a certain way.


We value well-crafted ideas. You might get wrapped up in solving a difficult issue's intricacies and lose sight of your goal. Lightweight, easy-to-modify, maintain, and replace solutions are important to us. Keeping things simple involves using carefully created, updated, and re-thought techniques.


We're big fans of celebrations. At Groundfog, we honor all of our accomplishments, from the tiniest victories to the most major successes. Everyone deserves a pat on the back for their accomplishments, we say. In light of this, we love getting together and partying hard, not just because it's fun, but because we know how essential it is to reward ourselves for our hard work!

Work at Groundfog

We are rewriting the rules of our industry by challenging the status quo and empowering our people by distributing authority with Holacracy: a governance structure for self-organizing groups driven by the power of our values. Explore your full potential and join us in creating a cloud-native digital world for the world's leading brands and their customers.


Creating a new work experience

At Groundfog, we don't just offer a job; we offer a journey. Take control of your professional development with our training and mentoring programs and countless opportunities to drive projects and initiatives. We believe in empowering our employees to think like entrepreneurs and be self-sufficient to grow and advance in their careers.

Be a part of a company that invests in you and your future.

We not only value our team's professional growth but also their well-being. Groundfog’s culture is centered on creating a safe, inspiring, and enjoyable work environment. We believe in fostering a culture of open communication and value our team's feedback as much as we love their individuality. Groundfog is where everyone is cherished and respected for who they are.

Diversity is our strength and we are committed to fostering an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive. We are proud to be an equal-opportunity employer, embracing all backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Join us in shaping a workplace where everyone belongs.

Enjoy exceptional benefits at Groundfog

Contract features
  • Permanent working contract
  • Flexible working hours
  • Competitive salary
Time to relax
  • 30 vacation days
  • Every last Friday in the quarter is a free company day
  • Entitlement to a 2-week paid sabbatical after every two years of employment
  • Recognition bonus system
  • Monthly welfare budget
  • Profit Share for every employee
Company swag
  • Apple work equipment (but PCs with Linux and Windows are possible too)
  • Home Office equipment - 100% working from home
  • Foggy Starter Kit
Events and adventure
  • Visit and engage in industry events and conferences like AWS Summit
  • Take part in sport events
  • Annual company adventures like Sailing & Groundfog Day
And much more…
It would be impossible to list every benefit that comes with being a part of our team. Come grow together with us and make a real impact on the industry.

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